Fundamentals of Observational Cosmology
(Tokyo Institute of Technology, October 3rd 2017)
Notes from all lectures combined into one document

Formation and Evolution of the Cosmic Web
(University of Tokyo, April 11th – May 23rd 2017)
Lecture I: The expanding Universe
Lecture II: The inhomogeneous Universe
Lecture III: The largest structures in the Universe
Lecture IV: The dark Universe
Lecture V: The radiant Universe
Lecture VI: The chemistry of the Universe
Lecture VII: The geometry of the Universe

Extragalactic Astronomy
(Rikkyo University, November 7-28th 2016)
Lecture I: Historical overview
Lecture II: Modern tools for extragalactic astronomy
Lecture III: The Cosmic Web
Lecture IV: Dark Matter
Lecture V: Galaxy Evolution
Lecture VI: The Chemistry of the Universe
Lecture VII: Cosmological probes
Lecture VIII: Dark Energy, Inflation, and the Multiverse
Final Review: Key Concepts