Formation and Evolution of the Cosmic Web
(University of Tokyo, April 11th – May 23rd 2017)
Lecture I: The expanding Universe
Lecture II: The inhomogeneous Universe
Lecture III: The largest structures in the Universe
Lecture IV: The dark Universe
Lecture V: The radiant Universe
Lecture VI: The chemistry of the Universe
Lecture VII: The geometry of the Universe

Extragalactic Astronomy
(Rikkyo University, November 7-28th 2016)
Lecture I: Historical overview
Lecture II: Modern tools for extragalactic astronomy
Lecture III: The Cosmic Web
Lecture IV: Dark Matter
Lecture V: Galaxy Evolution
Lecture VI: The Chemistry of the Universe
Lecture VII: Cosmological probes
Lecture VIII: Dark Energy, Inflation, and the Multiverse
Final Review: Key Concepts