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Not all scientists talk like Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory”. Well, we sometimes do, but not always. Below are links to news articles which explain for the greater public some of the science results I have contributed to over the years. If you’d like to learn more about astronomy in general, please check out the Astronomy Series on my personal blog!

The first view of the brightest galaxy cluster using high-resolution X-ray spectroscopy


The micro-calorimeter array onboard JAXA’s Hitomi satellite was, briefly, the coldest object in space, cooled with liquid helium down to 0.05 degrees above absolute zero. This made it possible to record the best X-ray spectrum ever obtained from a cluster of galaxies.

JAXA press release | NASA press release | ESA press releaseNature press release

Glow from the Big Bang Allows Discovery of Distant Black Hole Jet


A surprise discovery of an X-ray bright jet from a very distant supermassive black hole is featured in this press release from February 2016. This finding shows that black holes with powerful jets may be more common than previously thought in the first few billion years after the Big Bang.

NASA press release | Chandra press release | Chandra blog

The chemical requirements for life are common throughout the cosmos

A Suzaku survey of hot, X-ray emitting gas in the Virgo galaxy cluster shows that the elements needed to make stars, planets and people were evenly distributed across millions of light-years early in cosmic history, more than 10 billion years ago in this press release from October 2015.

NASA press release | JAXA press release (English, Japanese) | Forbes magazine | Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica (Italian)

Check out also the great short video put together by the Science@NASA team explaining this result!

Birth of a radio phoenix

This press release from August 2015 shows evidence for a faded electron cloud “coming back to life,” much like the mythical phoenix, after two galaxy clusters collided.

NASA Press Release | Chandra Press Release | Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory science update

Serial black hole eruptions

A Chandra image release from June 2015 showing how multiple eruptions from a supermassive black hole over 50 million years have rearranged the cosmic landscape at the center of a group of galaxies.

Chandra Image Release

Waves in the intergalactic ocean

A press release from October 2014 about a Nature paper I have contributed to, showing one of the first quantitative estimates of the turbulence driven by supermassive black holes in the surrounding diffuse plasma.

NASA Press Release | Chandra Press Release

Cosmos seeded with heavy elements during violent youth


A result from October 2013 showing how winds due to black holes and supernova explosions expelled iron from galaxies when the Universe was only a fifth its current age.
NASA press release | SLAC press release | Stanford News |  JAXA press release (Japanese ; English) | Japanese national TV station NHK | Gândul (in Romanian)

A hug from the Universe: giant X-ray arms in the Coma Cluster


A press release based on an article which appeared in Science in September 2013.
CXC press release |

The unseen and the invisible Universe

What you cannot see when you look up at the night sky – presented at TEDxBucharest, November 2012

Dark matter’s tendrils revealed

Astrophysik / Dunkle Materie / WISSENSCHAFT

Our Nature press release from July 2012 describes the first reliable detection of dark matter from a filament of the cosmic web.
Nature News | The Economist | Huffington Post | Sky & Telescope | | NBC News

To the edge of the nearest, brightest galaxy cluster


Our NASA press release from March 2011 shows the clearest picture to date of the size, mass and chemical content of the Perseus Cluster of galaxies.
NASA full text |

Eruptions near and far


Our NASA press release from August 2010 shows the similarity between an outburst caused by a supermassive black hole in the nearby galaxy M87 and the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull.
NASA full text | YouTube video | Appeared on Discovery Channel News

The missing baryons and the cosmic web


A press release in May 2008 based on a paper of which I am a co-author circled the world and made a big Romanian daily newspaper name me “person of the year” 2008.
ESA press release | MPE press release | Fox News | USA Today Universe Today


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